Oncoplastic Surgery Certification

*Application Coming Soon

Minimum Prerequisites

  • Certification by the American Board of Surgery or American Osteopathic Board of Surgery or evidence of international equivalent.
  • A documented appropriate level of training and minimum of 1-year experience in the performance of oncoplastic procedures.
  • A minimum annual procedure volume of 20 breast oncoplastic procedures.
  • Completion of 20 AMA-PRA Category 1 continuing medical education credits in oncoplastic surgery:
    • At least 10 credits in oncoplastic surgery must be obtained in the 18 months prior to application must be included.
    • Must include 2 all-day with didactic and hands-on skills lab in oncoplastic procedures.

Components of Certification Process

  • Written Examination

    • To include: concepts, anatomy, approaches, complications, risks and an understanding of referral to plastic surgery
  • Oncoplastic Clinical Case Application Case Submission Requirements

    NOTE: All photos and reports must be de‑identified for patient confidentiality.

    • 5 Oncoplastic Surgery Cases
      • 2 Crescent Mastopexy
      • 3 Donut Mastopexy
    • Photos for Each Case
      • Preoperative with markings
      • Postoperative at 6 months
    • Documentation for Each Case
      • Operative report from the surgery (see sample report for Donut Mastopexy- Key Components)
      • Pathology report from the surgery